Kootenay Skatepark & Bike Park Trip

Here in the Kootenays, we are known for our skateboard and mountain bike culture, so it makes sense that we have killer skateparks and bike skills parks to hone our skills. If you are coming through with wheels beneath your feet, make sure you to check out the skateparks and bike parks during your West Koot Route road trip.

One of the most scenic skateparks in the world is located in the “Switzerland of the Kootenays”, Kaslo. Skaters and BMXers soar with the spectacular Purcell Mountains and the calm blue of Kootenay Lake as their backdrop. A skatepark that is friendly and inviting for all ages, it’s a great one for when you want a quiet day skating a great bowl. On those hot days when you need to cool off, jump in the lake right beside it! A short trail ride on the Kaslo North River Trail. With an upper section and a lower section closer to the river, we love having our choice of rollers, small berms, downhills, and small jumps to explore in the woods. It is a perfect spot for the younger mountain bikers to practice their skills before they hit the big mountain biking trails.

Just west of Kalso in New Denver, find the brand new All Wheels Park that includes an asphalt-paved pump track. Test your skills and keep pace against the local shredders. Head south to Slocan City and find the legendary Tenacity Skate Park with its deep bowl that is home to the Backyard Bowl Bash Skate Jam. In Nakusp at the village’s central park is the Nakusp Skate Park where boarders and riders of all ages have some fun.

Nelson has a reputation for talented skaters and bikers so it’s no surprise that we have a world-class skatepark and a bike park integrated with each other. The skatepark has a huge variety of features from beginner to advanced and the large bike skills park in the forest goes from a gentle pump park for the littles to adventure flying in the trees.  And because we love our wheels so much, we don’t let winter stop us. The Nelson & District Youth Centre contains BC’s largest indoor skatepark, an all-wheel park that is open year-round. That’s right, we can do our jumps and tricks even during the rainy days and winter.

Salmo has a small bike skills area at KP Park in downtown Salmo with dirt jumps, a pump track and a few easy wood features and below the Salmo Ski Hill, you’ll find their BMX track. The next spot to bring your wheels would be the Beaver Valley Skatepark in Montrose, designed to give users the feeling of skating in a bowl and other cool features.

The City of Trail SK8 Park at Gyro Park is another one with a view. Enjoy the back-and-forth flow and the tight bowl as the Columbia River flows by and behind it the graceful arches of the Trail Bridge.

Rossland has one of the newer skateparks featuring a ton of transitions and looks like it was designed by artistic aliens, so make sure you try it out. For beginner to intermediate bikers, the Rossglen Skills Park is like a secret hidden in a neighbourhood behind a kids’ playground. The entrance drops into pump tracks and opens into ramps, jumps, hills and a large backboard. If you are beyond intermediate, we have the perfect bike park for you. The Advanced Bike Skills Park is in the west end of Rossland near the museum and is where the Huck’en Berries Bike Jam is held annually. It has advanced jump lines and features. Even if you dare not ride it, it’s worth a visit to watch the pros perform breathtaking feats.

Castlegar skatepark features a fun L-shaped bowl and a bunch of street features. In the summer, we offer free skateboard lessons and will even lend you a board. Just book ahead with Summer At the Skatepark. Millennium Park in Castlegar is a three acres multi use destination, with the largest bike park in the West Kootenays. It is a work of art with progressive levels of dirt jumps, pump tracks, lumber drop in, a flow trail and a technical skills zone designed to challenge riders of every skill level.

Everyone feels welcome here in the Kootenays. So come and show us your style and cruise with us—and you will see how we are truly out of the ordinary.

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